What is Pixel Shopkeeper?

It’s a game by Pixel Prototype currently in development and targeted for desktop platforms

What kind of game is Pixel Shopkeeper?

A shop simulation game with puzzle battle mechanics that features pixel-style art. Learn more about it on the Steam Greenlight page and if it’s something you might be interested in, please vote for it!

Why pixel art?

As a single full-time indie developer without an art background, pixel art is the most viable when it comes to cost and production for me right now. I do love pixel art though but can understand that it is not for everyone

Your game looks like _x_ game…

I love Kairosoft games and most simulation games (Recettear, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, RCT, etc.) so the game  may have some influences from games I’ve played in the past. However, every game I make is personally conceptualized, designed, and built from the ground up with the intention of being as original and fun as possible. In addition, the concept of the game has been in progress for over five years while I was still working at a large game studio, but I’ve only been able to seriously start on it once I went indie.

Who worked on the game?

Most of the game was made by one developer who had to wear many hats. Much of the pixel art was created by Bianca Bautista (link to follow) and music was developed by Anton Hochheim (link to follow). Credit also goes to a colleagues in the game industry who helped test and give design feedback throughout the development process.

When will it be out?

Early Access: Soon!!
Continuous updates will be made during sale

Do you have other games?

Check out the main company website here for upcoming projects and past games