Collection of Random Info – *May contain spoilers??*

I apologize for the severe lack of info here. I have been focusing on bug fixes, polish, and features and haven’t had the time to format things effectively. In the meantime, I’m going to post tidbits of information here that might be useful or talked about on the Steam hub/forums.


STR – Amt of attack you do

DEF – Amt of def you have

CHARM – Increases chance of special characters visiting and increases the time an item stays polished

GOLD – Increases selling prices by a small %  as you level up and increases the time an item stays polished

NOTE ON POLISHING: The first time you polish, the item will be at it highest sellable polish rate. As the polish wears of, a fraction of it is applied. So the most efficient way to polish is exactly before a customer buys an item – but if you have multiples of that item, you don’t know which specific one they are going to choose!


Warp Tile (Yellow) – Warps an item straight to inventory, tile disappears after use

Gold Tile 50% (Green) – Immediately sell item for 50% of its base price, tile disappears after use

Gold Tile 75% () – Immediately sell item for 75% of its base price, tile disappears after use

Gold Tile 100% () – Immediately sell item for 100% of its base price, tile disappears after use

Multiplier Tile x2 x3 x4 x5 () – Makes x number of copies of an item placed over that tile

NOTE: If you die in a dungeon you don’t get to keep any of your items nor gold


Consume Bonus Item: Chance to gain extra exp upon Training

If you don’t get a boost in stat point, but it says extra EXP was added, it might not have been enough for a whole stat point (esp if you used a low level item) . But this also means that it might carry over to the next level up, where you can gain more than 1 stat point

The higher the rarity of the item, the higher the chance of it being effective


Drag healing items to yourself mid-dungeon to heal! Most if not all dungeons will drop something of the sort. Drag consumable items as well to increase stat points for that dungeon run!

You can also take any kind of consumable with you if your bag has belt slots. Where to find belt slot info? The merchant’s store says how many before you buy it, and clicking on a bag during dungeon prepare also lets you know. To add items, on the prepare dungeon screen click “Add Item” on the left side

STARS ON MY TABLES?? Congratulations, it’s fully upgraded! 😀

MANAGERS FOR MY OTHER SHOP?? Obtain Affinity with a character by talking to them in the Common Park! Each class has a special skill when it comes to Shop Management that you can check in the Manager Pane. Right now, Blacksmiths, Merchants and Nobles will NOT manage for you. They have other things to do xD

…to be continued…

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