Guide | The World Map

1. Clicking on the Calendar shows you the current and upcoming month. You can check what day it is and hover over the dates with events to get more details (see inset). Different icons represent different events.

Cash denotes a Payment Event. You will need to have enough money to pay the required amount to continue the game.

 denotes a Contest Event. Once you unlock contests, you can participate in them by clicking on the date if you are on that day.

 denotes a Special Event such as a Shop Review.


2. Storefronts that you purchased show up in the map as a Village icon. You can access your store by clicking on it. You can own multiple shops at a time.

3. Dungeons show up as a Swordicon. A dungeon is where you fight enemies to obtain merchandise to sell in your shops.

4. Locked locations are represented by the Lock icon. You can click on it to check for unlock conditions.

5. New dungeons have not yet been visited and will have the “New” label attacked to it.

6. You can also access Story, Inventory, and Settings menu buttons in the world map screen.

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